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-====== Reporting bugs and security problems ====== 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-iki.fi is an all volunteer non-profit small organisation trying to help people communicate better using the internet. All of our members are individual persons. 
-===== Contact information ===== 
-If the IP address of the server is in the IP address blocks listed [[faq:​ikiniposoitteet|on this page]], then you should contact iki-hallitus@iki.fi (the board of the society) to reach our administrators. 
-Most //​something//​.iki.fi servers and subdomains are hosted by out members. For issues with //​esimerkki//​.iki.fi you should contact //​esimerkki//​@iki.fi with email. 
-===== Bug bounty ===== 
-If you help us find and we can fix a security problem on our computers, we may be able to pay a small bug bounty as thanks depending on the severity of the issue.